"Airborne Engineered Nanomaterials: Measurements, Implications and Modelling"


Main topics:

  • Fate and behaviour of ENM in the atmosphere
  • Effect of ENM on atmospheric chemistry and climate


Wann? 28.-29.11.2017

Wo?  CENIDE, Duisburg


Weitere Informationen zum Programm und zur Registrierung finden Sie hier: www.nanofase.eu


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About NanoFase:

The overarching objective of NanoFASE is to deliver an integrated Exposure Assessment Framework (protocols, models, parameter values, guidance ...) that:

  • Allows all stakeholders to assess the environmental fate of nano releases from industrial nano-enabled products,
  • Is acceptable in regulatory registrations and can be integrated into the EUSES model for REACH assessment,
  • Allows industry a cost-effective product-to-market process, and
  • Delivers the understanding at all levels to support dialogue with public and consumers.

The ambition is to reach a level of ENM Fate and exposure assessment at least comparable with that for conventional chemicals. For that, NanoFASE will develop a set of novel concepts and approaches to underpin the Framework, developed as common themes linking the research, exploitation and dissemination throughout the project.



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