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    Carbon black in tires, quantum dots in LEDs or titanium nitride in PET bottles ...
    Our knowledge base provides information on products and applications of nanomaterials, illuminates health and environmental aspects.

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    Research regarding the impacts of nanoparticles on people and the environment is needed. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds projects to fill knowledge gaps and to initiate measures to identify and minimize risk.

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    Basic information about nanomaterials for humans and the environment.


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REACH REFIT evaluation 2017

The European Commission (EC) has launched a public consultation on the 2017 REACH REFIT evaluation to obtain stakeholders' views on the approach to the evaluation and collect any potentially missing elements. The online public consultation is currently open and runs from 28 October 2016 until 28 January 2017. The consultation is part of a broader stakeholder consultation strategy which also includes an SME panel circulated through the Europe Enterprise Network.


The REACH Regulation, which applies to nanomaterials as to any other substance, includes the obligation for a review every 5 years to monitor progress in the achievement of its objectives. The second REACH Review, due in 2017, is being carried out in parallel with the fitness check on the most relevant chemicals legislation excluding REACH. The REACH REFIT evaluation (REACH Review 2017) will build on the findings of the first REACH Review (published in 2013) and examine key developments since then. The REACH REFIT evaluation (REACH review 2017), is carried out in line with the principles of Better Regulation and will cover the five compulsory evaluation criteria: effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and EU added value.



Online Questionnaire & Additional Information:



Current Research

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Information on the sponsorship programmes of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research on nanotechnologies for humans and the environment.


Knowledge Base

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A database with important and generally understandable aspects on health and environment of applied nanomaterials as well as facts on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials.


Nano Basics

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The chapters on release, exposure, uptake and behavior of nanomaterials in the human body and in the environment as well as the risk assessment will give you a first overview.



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