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    Carbon black in tires, quantum dots in LEDs or titanium nitride in PET bottles ...
    Our knowledge base provides information on products and applications of nanomaterials, illuminates health and environmental aspects.

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    Research regarding the impacts of nanoparticles on people and the environment is needed. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds projects to fill knowledge gaps and to initiate measures to identify and minimize risk.

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    Basic information about nanomaterials for humans and the environment.


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nano-experimental kit SimplyNano 2®

"SimplyNano 2®" is the new nano-experimental kit for secondary pupils. The experimental kit contains roughly 40 new experiments about nanotechnology and is a logical and thematic continuation of the „SimplyNano 1®" experimental kit. The latter has already successfully been introduced in more than 1000 schools for teaching purposes. The "SimplyNano 2®" experimental kit contains experiments in the fields of Nano-Bionics, Nano-Products and Nanomaterials. Thereby, the goal is to observe and understand natural nano-phenomena and simultaneously to grasp their applications in everyday products.


The "SimplyNano 2®" experimental kit is a follow-up of the "SimplyNano 1®" experimental kit. It can be used independently or in combination with the first kit, as no preknowledge is necessary. The experimental kit is targeted to learners of secondary schools but can also be used for technical colleges and gymnasiums. The entire teaching material for teachers (Power Point slides, teacher comments and sample solutions), experiment instructions for the pupils as well as all required chemicals and consumables are included in the experimental kit.

During the conceptual design and the realisation of the project, the authors emphasised a high didactical quality, excellent intelligibility of the texts and attractive pictures and illustrative material. The experimental kit was developed by the Innovation Society, St. Gallen and published by the SimplyScience Foundation.

The roughly 40 simple experiments are harmless and simple to perform. They can be performed as demo or student experiments. Additionally, the consumables in the experimental kit can be easily replaced. Most products and chemicals are available in retail business or can be reordered directly from the supplier.




Current Research

Graphene interlayer © bonninturina / fotolia.com

Information on the sponsorship programmes of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research on nanotechnologies for humans and the environment.


Knowledge Base

nano © eccolo / fotolia.com

A database with important and generally understandable aspects on health and environment of applied nanomaterials as well as facts on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials.


Nano Basics

Graphene © arsdigital / fotolia.com

The chapters on release, exposure, uptake and behavior of nanomaterials in the human body and in the environment as well as the risk assessment will give you a first overview.



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