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Supplementary Survey of Products on the Danish Market Containing Nanomaterials (June 2014)

Simultaneously with the entry into force of the Danish nano-product register on 18th June 2014, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a supplementary report on products containing nanomaterials. The Supplementary Survey maps the prevalence of products possibly containing nanomaterials on the Danish market that are not covered by the nano-register. Among the product groups are: food; feed; food contact materials; cosmetics; pesticides; medical devices and water treatment systems.

The survey is based on existing literature and interviews with key actors in the relevant industries (manufacturers and nano-processing companies). It remained unclear whether materials should be considered as nanomaterials (according to definition by the EU) due to uncertainties regarding their size distribution. This holds true especially for food and feed as well as calcium carbonate and silicates, respectively. Medical devices appear to contain to largest number of different nanomaterials.



The full report (in English) can be downloaded as PDF-document via the following link:

Tønning K, Sørensen G., Holst Fischer C.,Vejen Kristensen H. (2014). Supplementary Survey of Products on the Danish Market Containing Nanomaterials. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ISBN: 978-87-93178-66-3. (PDF, 1.2 MB)


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