QualityNano Schulung zur Modellierung der Toxizität von Nanomaterialien

On March 27th2013 the Second QualityNano Modelling Training School took place in Edinburgh. A series of training materials as wells as some videos are now online available via the QualityNano Knowledge Hub.

The school with 30 participants from different scientific disciplines was chaired by Prof. Lang Tran from the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) and also offered amongst several lectures from experts interactive sessions. Here the participants were provided with a demonstration of readily-available modelling tools and given the opportunity to work on 'hands-on' case examples.


Topics of the training school were:

  • Modelling of dose-response relationship (in vitro/in vivo) and extrapolation of exposure-dose-response relationship from in vitro/in vivo/humans; and
  • Quantitative-Structure-Activity-Relationship (QSAR) models.

The direct link to all provided material via the QualityNano Knowledge Hub.

Further information on the QualityNano Knowledge Hub http://www.qualitynano.eu/the-qnano-knowledge-hub/repository-of-training-materials/qnano-funded/2nd-qnano-modelling-training-school.html  as well as on the underFP7 funded EU-Project QualityNano can be found at www.qualitynano.eu


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