Vienna declaration

During the 11th International Nano-Authorities-Dialogue in March of 2017, the "Vienna Declaration" was adopted by the German-speaking delegations of authorities. As a consequence and recommendation, the conference demands the nano-specific adaptation of REACH by the year 2020. The declaration was submitted to the general secretary of the European council (Environment) and discussed as information in the meeting on June 19.


Since 2007, the Nano-Authorities Dialogue has been organized and moderated by the Innovationsgesellschaft, St.Gallen, on behalf of German-speaking authorities. The authorities of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland have successfully cooperated in the field of nanotechnology for many years. On 29-30 March 2017, the 11th Nano-Authorities Dialogue took place in Vienna. At this event, conclusions on the current situation and recommendations on the future management of this key technology until the year 2020 were adopted ('Vienna Declaration').


Against the background of the circular economy, considering the entire life cycle of products is becoming increasingly important. The cornerstones for safety are often laid in place at the beginning of the life cycle - in the manufacturing process and in sustainable product design. The great complexity of global supply chains and material flows represents a further challenge.

Where do we stand today? The political debate about environmental and health aspects of nanomaterials has long outgrown its infancy. At national and European level millions of euros of public funds have been invested in safety and risk research. This has contributed to filling the knowledge gaps in the field of safety and, to some extent, to further development of regulatory provisions....



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Vienna Declaration (2017): Conclusions and Recommendations adopted as a result of the 11th Nano-Authorities Dialogue (Vienna, 29-30 March 2017) - Information from the Luxembourg, Austrian and German delegations. (PDF, 190 KB)



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