NRP 64 Report

Beginning of March 2017, the National Swiss Research Program NRP 64 has published its final report. Five years of research, 23 research groups with a total of 111 researchers, about 150 publications, several prizes and awards. The national research program "Chances and risks of nanomaterials" (NRP 64), launched at the beginning of 2010 with a framework credit of 12 Million francs, an impressive undertaking. It also pursued an ambitious goal: Understanding how the special properties of synthetic nanomaterials can be used as profitably as possible and simultaneously as risk-free as possible.


The research groups involved in the NRP 64 have closely investigated the opportunities and risks associated with synthetic nanomaterials: in foodstuffs, nanotechnology-based building- and insulation materials, in energy technology, and especially in medicine. They have analysed in which section of their lifecycle - during production, use or disposal - nanoparticles could be dangerous to the environment and to health. They have developed and tested various new measuring methods and measuring devices, experimented with new applications and discovered amazing ones. For example, even the slightest changes in the particle surface are often sufficient to fundamentally alter the properties of the corresponding nanoparticles...



Original Publications:

  • National Research Programme NRP 64 (March 2017). Opportunities and Risks of Nanomaterials: Results, Outcome and Perspectives – Final Brochure. Publisher: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) (PDF, 2.7 MB).
  • National Research Programme NRP 64 (February 2017). Engineered Nanomaterials: Impact & Safety Aspects - White Paper. Publisher: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) (PDF, 245 KB).



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