DGUV Nano-Portal:

The Nano-Portal "Safe Handling of Nanomaterials" of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) is available in English since January 2017. The platform is an encompassing information and learning platform on the topics of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. The portal was developed by the Innovation Society, St. Gallen (Switzerland) on behalf of DGUV and the related Social Accident Insurance Institutions. The Nano-Portal contains relevant information and documents and five interactive Nanorama-tools. Two Nanoramas (Production and Laboratory) are already available in English and German.


Nanomaterials are found in many products and industrial processes. For example, many building materials, paints or plastics contain nanomaterials in order to improve the product properties. Therefore, many workers in production and manufacturing processes can come into contact with nanomaterials. However, where exactly are nanomaterials used and which occupational safety measurements have to be applied to protect workers from potential hazards? Which are the relevant regulations and which guidelines are in place for nanomaterials? All these and further questions are answered by the Nano-Portal of the DGUV...




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