nternational Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Technical Committee on Nanotechnologies (TC 229) has recently published a new standard in its Nanotechnologies series entitled "Measurement technique matrix for the characterization of nano-objects" (ISO/TR 18196:2016). The document provides a matrix intended to guide users to commercially available techniques relevant to the measurements of common physico-chemical parameters for nano-objects.


The document connects the nanoobjects' parameters most commonly needed to be measured with corresponding measurement techniques. According to ISO, the standard should be a useful tool for nanotechnology interested parties to rapidly identify relevant information for measuring nano-objects. However, many of the listed techniques have not been validated through round-robin testing or any other means for the measurement of nanoobjects. Therefore, it should be regarded as a starting point and resource to help identify potentially useful and relevant techniques; it is not an exhaustive or primary source.

ISO recommends that once a technique has been identified, the reader refer to relevant international standards and conduct a literature search for similar or comparable applications. Other potential sources of information include instrument manufacturer's applications notes and technical literature


The standard can be accessed and purchased via the ISO Online Browsing Platform at https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/


ISO/TR 18196:2016: "Nanotechnologies - Measurement technique matrix for the characterization of nano-object"

  • ISO/TR 18196:2016 provides a matrix that guides users to commercially available techniques relevant to the measurements of common physiochemical parameters for nano-objects. Some techniques are also applicable to nanostructured materials



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