NanoDiode presentations 2015

As part of NanoDiode's EDUCATE activities, the project partner ETUI has produced a series of 6 presentations to provide information on nanomaterials to people responsible for worker health and safety. The presentations aim to provide the necessary logic to know what employers are responsible for in protecting worker health and safety, and to know what questions to ask employers and what information they need to supply to workers and their representatives. The presentations also identify what information to share with whom to continue to improve protection of European workers from exposure to nanomaterials in the workplace. The presentations are available in English, Danish, Finish and Swedish.


Presentation Topics are:

  1. Examples of uses of nanomaterials at work
  2. What is nano
  3. Are nanomaterials a worker health and safety risk
  4. How can I know if nanomaterials are used in my workplace
  5. Steps to prevent worker exposure to nanomaterials in the workplace
  6. Sharing your knowledge and experience


The presentations can be downloaded via the NanoDiode Website




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