ConsExpo nano tool

Consumers are potentially exposed to nanomaterials during use of nano-enabled consumer products. Of particular concern is the application of nanomaterials in spray products. To estimate the exposure of the consumer to nanomaterials from these products, the Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM) developed the ConsExpo nano tool, which was adapted from the ConsExpo model for the estimation of exposure to regular substances in spray products. It has been developed in the context of the NanoNextNL project: "Predictive modelling of human exposure.


According to Braakhuis et al. (2014), the most relevant effect after inhalation exposure to nanomaterials is the induction of inflammation in the alveoli. One of the most critical determinants of this effect is both the magnitude and duration of the alveolar load of a nanomaterial. Another issue addressed in ConsExpo nano is the observation that the traditional choice of 'mass of the substance inhaled' as a measure of exposure is inappropriate to quantify dose-effect relations for nanomaterials. Alternative dose metrics such as total number or total surface area of the nanoparticles inhaled have been suggested, but consensus on an appropriate dose metric is currently lacking. To bridge this current knowledge gap, ConsExpo nano expresses exposure estimates in a variety of dose metrics, allowing the exposure assessor to evaluate various alternatives.


ConsExpo nano is a "work-in-progress" online tool that is designed to reflect the current state of knowledge on exposure to nanomaterials via inhalation and nanomaterial spray scenarios for the consumer. The tool will be further developed to accommodate developments in the state of the science. Comments and additions to this version of the model are highly appreciated and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More information on this tool and an upcoming questionnaire can be accessed via




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