SAFENANO "In The Know" Article

SAFENANO has recently published its latest "In The Know" article on the insurability of nanomaterials. The article provides an overview of some of the key challenges facing the insurance sector in relation to nanotechnology and highlights recent research towards the development of risk insurance models that could be readily usable by the nanotechnology industry.


Nanotechnologies offer many promises in terms of technological advancement, yet associated with all new technologies are also potential risks in terms of health and environmental safety. A key part of dealing with such risk, in financial terms, is through insurance; indeed insurance is in many countries a legal obligation. As a result, an insurance provider is an important stakeholder and, to a great extent, such providers function as a proxy regulator by influencing work practices. It is thus clear to see that insurability of a new technology is paramount for its successful development and sustainability.

There are, however, many challenges for the insurance sector in nanotechnology and indeed any new technology where information on potential risks is limited and at times conflicting yet innovation continues at a pace.


SAFENANO's In the Know articles provides succinct highlights, opinion and advice compiled from a review of key papers of value to nanotechnology safety. Digests cover a breadth of topics, including substance-specific emerging evidence, physico-chemical / effect relationships, in vitroin vivo nanotoxicology correlations, and developments in managing nanotechnology risk.


The complete article can be accessed via the following link



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