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The increasing use of nanoparticles in the pigment and printing ink industry can lead to new challenges in occupational health and safety. As part of the EU-project NanoMICEX (Mitigation of Risk and Control of Exposure in Nanotechnology-based Inks and Pigments) eleven partners examined the specific conditions in the said industries. They were also able to identify potential for improvement, especially through the so-called "Safe by Design" approach. The results of the recently finished project are published in a series of public reports on Nanoparticle Characterisation, Modification of Nanoparticles, and Risk Management and Control Measures.


Purpose of the project is the innovative pigment and printing inks industry. For pigments or printing inks properties such as dispersion force, colour intensity, light and weather fastness and opacity are demanded. These properties mainly depend on the chemical composition of the inks and pigments as well as on the size and morphology of the used particles. Therefore, nanotechnology and in particular, the use of nanoparticles in ink and pigment formulations have a great potential for new applications, leading to products with new or enhanced properties, and opening new market opportunities. Besides their advances these (nano)particles were also subjected to an examination in in terms of occupational safety.


In order to address these major concerns and considering the project concept, the main objective of NANOMICEX project was to reduce the potential risk upon worker's exposure to engineered nanoparticles through the modification of nanoparticles properties with effective surface modifiers ("Safe by Design" concept) and the characterisation of practical and cost effective risk management strategies in the particular operative conditions of the inks and pigments industry.


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