NanoBioMedicine is enabling new fascinating possibilities for diagnostics, therapy and medical technology. to develop its huge scientific and economic potential, experts from academia and industry have created The german NanoBioMedicine platform. The goal of the platform is to facilitate the collaboration between the different faculties and organisations and also make it easier to get funding. The first Meeting will take place on March 4th 2015 in Frankfurt.


Nanotechnology is one of the most promising technologies for the areas diagnostic and therapy. Very sensitive nanoparticles and nano sctructured systems could identify specific molecules, which can be used as "bio markers" that work for certain diseases or the effectivness of medication. this would be the foundation of personalized medication which could be adjusted individually for every patient. Nanoparticles could also transport medication directly to their place of action and "dock" on to cancer cells to only apply their agent at this particular cell. This could reduce side effects in cancer treatment dramatically. Those ideas can be summarized under the keyword "NanoBioMedicine". NanoBioMedicine requires very detailed knowledge about pharmaceutical and biochemical linkage as well as knowledge about the properties of nanoparticles and nano structured systems. The collaboration between chemists, physicists, pharmacologists and scientific engineers that is required in order to be successful is already beeing tested at certain translation centres for regenerative medicine.

On an european level the „European Technology Platform Nanomedicine“ functions as a platform for information and discussions. On a national level a platform like that is not available. Experts from industry and research have developed a paper that scetches requirements for the development of NanoBioMedicine structures from research topics to trainings. On March 4th 2015 experts will meet at Frankfurt for a founding event for a national platform NanoBioMedicine (only in german). People who are interested are invited to participate in this event.


For further Information contact: Dr. Silke Megelski, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Flyer from NanoBioMed is available here (in german only).


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