Danish Nano Product Inventory

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a 'Guideline for the Danish Inventory of Nanoproducts'. It is intended to aid 'manufacturers and importers of products for consumers' who are obliged to report to the registry. In June 2014, the Danish Government established the legal framework for an inventory of mixtures and products that contain nanomaterials. Importers and manufacturers of the articles covered by the scheme have to report to the Danish EPA in the first reporting period (06/2014 – 06/2015) by 30th August 2015.


The newly published guidelines explain how companies in the Danish market that manufacture or import consumer products containing or releasing nanomaterials should use and report to the inventory. This includes describing:

  1. who has a duty to report
  2. which products must be reported
  3. how to collect and manage information
  4. how to perform the actual reporting to the inventory


The complete report (PDF, 1.9 MB) can be accessed via the following link http://www2.mst.dk/Udgiv/publications/2014/08/978-87-93178-89-2.pdf



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