On this page you can find publications resulting from the NanoCare project on "A German Initiative on the Health Aspects of Synthetic Nanoparticles: Establishing an Information- and Knowledge-Base for Innovative Material Research".


The full text of some publications is copyright protected and can be made available for a certain fee only.

Final Scientific Reports

Final Scientific Reports

NanoCare Final Scientific Report


Final Scientific Report, July 2009:
Health related Aspects of Nanomaterials
Final Scientific Report (PDF, 19 MB)




NanoCare Brochure



NanoCare-Brochure , 2009 (In German)
Gesundheitsrelevante Aspekte synthetischer Nanomaterialien (PDF, 2,6 MB)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Publications in Scientific Journals

Publications in Scientific Journals




  • Interaction of metal oxide nanoparticles with lung surfactant protein A. Schulze C, Schaefer UF, Ruge CA, Wohlleben W, Lehr CM. Eur J Pharm Biopharm, 77(3): 376-383.
    Testing Metal-Oxide Nanomaterials for Human Safety Landsiedel R, Ma-Hock L, Kroll A, Hahn D, Schnekenburger J, Wiench K, Wohlleben W. 2010 Adv Mater, 22(24): 2601-2627.

  • Investigation of airborne nanopowder agglomerate stability in an orifice under various differential pressure conditions Stahlmecke B, Wagener S, Asbach C, Kaminski H, Fissan H, Kuhlbusch, TA J. 2009 J Nanopart Res, 11(7): 1625-1635.

  • Comparison of four mobility particle sizers with different time resolution for stationary exposure measurements. Asbach C, Kaminski H, Fissan H , Monz C, Dahmann D,  Mülhopt S, H-R Paur, Kiesling HJ, Herrmann F, Voetz M, Kuhlbusch TAJ. 2009 J Nanopart Res 11(7): 1593-1609.

  • The NanoCare project: a German initiative on health aspects of synthetic nanoparticles Nau K, Krug HF. 2009 Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 170(1): 012038.

  • Pulmonary toxicity and fate of agglomerated 10 and 40 nm aluminum oxyhydroxides following 4-week inhalation exposure of rats: toxic effects are determined by agglomerated, not primary particle size. Pauluhn J. 2009 Toxicol Sci, 109(1): 152-167.

  • Genotoxicity Investigations on Nanomaterials: Methods, Preparation and Characterization of Test Material, Potential Artifacts and Limitations - Many Questions, Some Answers. Landsiedel R, Schulz M, Kapp MD, Oesch F. 2009 Mutat Res, 681(2-3): 241-258.

  • Current in vitro methods in nanoparticle risk assessment: Limitations and challenges Kroll A, Pillukat MH, Hahn D, Schnekenburger J. 2009 Eur J Pharm Biopharm, 72(2): 370-377.

  • Development of a short-term inhalation test in rats using nano-titanium dioxide as a model substance. Ma-Hock L, Burkhardt S, Strauss V, Gamer A, Wiench K, van Ravenzwaay B, Landsiedel R. 2009 Inhal Toxicol, 21(2): 102-118.





  • Generation and Characterization of Test Atmospheres with Nanomaterials. Ma-Hock L, Gamer A, Landsiedel R, Leibold E, Frechen T, Sens B, Huber G, van Ravenzwaay B. 2007 Inhal Toxicol, 19(10): 833-848..



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