On this page you can find publications resulting from the INOS that deals with the topic of Identification and Assessment of the Effects of Engineered NanOparticleS on Human and Environmental Health.

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Publications in Scientific Journals

Publications in Scientific Journals


  • Boehme, S., H.-J. Staerk, T. Meißner, A. Springer, T. Reemtsma, D. Kuehnel, W. Busch (2014). Quantification of Al2O3 nanoparticles in human cell lines applying inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (neb-ICP-MS, LA-ICP-MS) and flow cytometry-based methods. J Nanopart Res 16: 2592.



  • Busch, W., S. Bastian, U. Trahorsch, M. Iwe, D. Kuehnel, T. Meissner, A. Springer, M. Gelinsky, V. Richter, C. Ikonomidou, A. Potthoff, I. Lehmann, K. Schirmer (2011). Internalisation of engineered nanoparticles into mammalian cells in vitro: influence of cell type and particle properties. J Nanopart Res 13(1): 293-310.



  • Meissner, T., D. Kuehnel, W. Busch, S. Oswald, V. Richter, A. Michaelis, K. Schirmer, A. Potthoff (2010). Physical-chemical characterization of tungsten carbide nanoparticles as a basis for toxicological investigations. Nanotoxicology 4(2): 196-206.
  • Busch, W., D. Kuehnel, K. Schirmer, S. Scholz (2010). Tungsten carbide cobalt nanoparticles exert hypoxia-like effects on the gene expression level in human keratinocytes.BMC Genomics 11(1): 65.



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  • Potthoff, A., T. Meissner, V. Richter, W. Busch, D. Kühnel, S. Bastian, M. Iwe, A. Springer (2009). Evaluation of Health Risks of Nanoparticles – A Contribution to a Sustainable Development of Nanotechnology. Solid State Phenomena 151: 183-189.
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  • Richter V, Bastian S. (2008). Bewertung der Gesundheitsrisiken von Nanopartikeln - Ein Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung der Nanotechnologie. Journal für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit, 3 (3), Springer-Verlag ISSN 1661-5751.



  • Richter, V., A. Potthof, W. Pompe, M. Gelinsky, H. Ikonomidou, S. Bastia, K. Schirmer, S. Scholz, J. Hofinger (2007). Of fine powders, hardmetals, hazard and health risk.Metal Powder Report 62(11): 12-14.




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