20014-2018 NanoCare

NanoCare funding initiative logoThe funding initiative “NanoCare" as part of the framework program "From Material to Innovation" anchored in the new High-Tech Strategy aimed at innovation and growth of the industry in Germany. Based on the results and experiences of the previous action “NanoCare & NanoNature” (see below), the topic of safe handling of synthetic nanomaterials - research on the effects on humans and the environment was investigated in several project activities. A close cooperation between companies and research institutions in the university and non-university sector, the involvement of contributions from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the exploitation of project results in Germany was of outstanding importance. From 2014-2018, a total of 11 projects was funded.

NanoCare Projects: CaNTser, DENANA, InhalT-90, NanoBEL, NanoBioDetect, nanoCOLT, nanoGRAVUR, Nanomobil, NanoSuppe, NanoUmwelt, ProCycle



2009-2014 NanoCare/ NanoNature

Based on the results obtained from the projects of the NanoCare Cluster and to brigh other gaps in knowledge about the effects and interactions of nanomaterials to humans and the environment and to the safe and responsible use of nanotechnology in the German economy, the topics "Impact of engineered nanomaterials to humans - NanoCare" and "Nanotechnologies for environmental protection -benefits and impacts- NanoNature" were advertised 2008 by the German BMBF within the framework program "Materials Innovations for Industry and Society - WING".
2009 - 2014, 20 projects with a total funding of approximately € 36 million have been funded by the BMBF.


NanoCare funding initiative logo


NanoCare intended to further investigate systematically the human-toxicological effects and interactions occurring during the production, processing, and application of synthetic nanomaterials. External and internal exposures have been be quantified, material-specific toxicity parameters were determined, and mechanisms of action were identified to detect and predict possible toxic effects on humans along the life cycle of the investigated nanomaterials.

NanoCare projects: CarbonBlack, CarboTox, NanoExpo, NanoGEM, NanoKon, NanoMed, Nanosilver particles



NanoNature funding initiative logoNanoNature

NanoNature aimed at strengthening potential nanomaterial market segments in the environmental field and at enhancing the export of environmentally relevant materials and technologies. In addition, systematic analyses were carried out and adapted measuring methods have been developed to assess the release, distribution, fate, and effect of synthetic nanoparticles and nanomaterials in the environment.

NanoNature projects: Fe-NANOSIT, NADINE, NanoFlow, NanoKiesel, NanoMembrane, NanoPharm, NanoPurification, NanoSan, Nano-SCR, NanoTrack, NAPASAN, UMSICHT



2006-2009: NanoCare-Cluster: NanoCare, INOS, Tracer

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2008-2014: Inno.CNT - Innovation Alliance Carbon Nanotubes

Inno.CNT Logo

In a scientific alliance with more than 90 renowned partners from research and industry, the Inno.CNT initiative is systematically advancing the development of carbon nanotubes (CNT). The tiny carbon nanotubes have the potential to open up brand-new dimensions in materials technology and bring a unique quality to numerous products and applications. 


Inno.CNT Projects: CarboAir, CarboSafe, CarboLifeCycle




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