The latest "in the know article" from the SAFENANO projects focuses on health surveillance of workers in the nanotechnology sector as part of an overall risk management approach. It is highlighted that harmonisation and systematisation of both exposure and health monitoring studies is considered to be a key element in ensuring the efficient and safe development of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products.


With the rapid development of nanotechnologies, there is an increasing risk that workers may be exposed to engineered nanomaterials. As part of the responsible development of nanotechnologies it is important that the health of workers is protected by appropriate risk management strategies. Part of a cohesive strategy for the overall identification and management of potential risks from nanomaterials, is health surveillance of workers. It is crucial that health surveillance be proportionate, focused and most importantly is of value and to achieve this requires a multi-disciplinary approach.......


  • The complete article can be read via the following link


SAFENANO's In the Know articles provides succinct highlights, opinion and advice compiled from a review of key papers of value to nanotechnology safety. Digests cover a breadth of topics, including substance-specific emerging evidence, physico-chemical / effect relationships, in vitroin vivo nanotoxicology correlations, and developments in managing nanotechnology risk.



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