Quantum dots – Uptake

So far, there are no studies available for inhalative uptake of Quantum Dots.

Whether Quantum Dots are able to penetrate through the skin largely depends on two parameters: (1) the condition of the skin (injured or intact) and (2) the physico-chemical properties of the Quantum Dots themselves.

Usually various types of coatings are protecting the quantum dot core from degradation and release of e.g. toxic cadmium ions. However, the acidic environment in the stomach is able to degrade such coatings so that toxic components might be released

Quantum Dots may consist of toxic metal compounds such as Cadmium-Telluride and Cadmium-Selenide. Toxic effects of Quantum Dots have been described due to the leaching of metal compounds. The coating of Quantum Dots also affects their toxicity. Numerous surface modifications were developed to prevent the leaching of toxic metals. Also the light quality and quantity play a role for the effect, UV-B irradiation toxifies the particles.


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