Fullerenes - Uptake

Whether and in which form, as agglomerates or as single molecules, the fullerenes cross the air-blood barrier has not yet been finally clarified.

Surface-modified fullerenes are added to cosmetics and skin care products to act as radical scavengers. However, they penetrate only into the upper layer and not into the deeper layers of the skin.

Up to now, there is only one reliable study available in which the uptake of fullerenes via the gastro-intestinal tract was studied.

The large variety of fullerenes does not allow any general or comparative statements on their toxicity. Many organisms internalise fullerenes into the body. The fullerene production process, in particular the use of catalysts, and the use of different solvents often influence the toxicity since these substances can also have toxic effects. This makes it difficult to clearly attribute toxic effects to pure fullerenes.


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