Fullerenes – Exposure

Fullerenes can be produced in low amount accidently during combustion-derived processes and thus be released into the air. However, there are only a few applications where fullerenes were used, therefore the Exposure of human and environment is rather low. For this reason, epidemiological data on fullerenes are still not available.

Fullerenes consist exclusively of carbon, which is common in all living beings and the air. Therefore, a specific detection of these nanomaterials in the environment is very difficult and currently only few data are available on the quantities of fullerenes found in the environment.

Toxic effects within in vitro experiments are not caused by the fullerenes themselves but most often by the solvents or derivatives of solvents in which they are suspended.

Tests on rats have shown that non-functionalized Fullerenes cause only a transient inflammatory reaction in the lung and liver.


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