Cerium dioxide - Uptake

After delivery of cerium dioxide nanoparticles via the gastrointestinal tract they do not harm but can protect the body against induced oxidative damage.

If cerium dioxide nanoparticles are inhaled they deposit primarily within the lung and dependent on the concentration and shape they can induce inflammatory processes. At the end of the year 2018 results of a chronic long-term exposure study with CeO2 are expected.

Cerium dioxide nanoparticles are currently under investigation as possible UV-blocker within sunscreens. The barrier function of the skin protects the body from possible adverse effects (compare: body barriers - Nanoparticles and the Skin).

In previous studies, cerium dioxide nanoparticles showed toxic effects towards environmental organisms. Size-dependent toxicity of cerium dioxide nanoparticles, meaning the smaller particles exhibited the stronger effects, was only found occasionally.


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