Carbon Black – Uptake

Carbon Black (CB) particles can principally be taken up through the air we breathe.

Nanoparticles from cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, for example suncreams, can be taken up via the skin. Carbon black has been approved for use as a color in cosmetic products (for example in mascara). So far, it has not been used in lotions for application to large areas of the skin.

Carbon Black (CB) can principally be taken up by swallowing. At present, there are no studies that investigate explicitly the release of nanoscale carbon black from products during use. Carbon black has not been approved for use in food in the EU.

For the larvae of the fruit fly, nanoscale Carbon Black (CB) administered in feed, was non-toxic, and the development and fertility of adult flies was not affected. However, particles enriched in the fly’s body and were still visible in adult animals as a distinct black coloration in the body.


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