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Latin vesicula – small bubble. Round or oval compartments that are approximately 100 nm in diameter. Vesicles are located in the cells and are surrounded by separating layers (membranes).

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Synonyms - vesicular
waste management

set of activities aiming at prevention, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and residual disposition of solid wastes.

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WHO fibers

The World Health Organization (WHO) characterised the properties of bio persistent fibers. This refers to inorganic fiber dusts (except asbestos fibers) with a length > 5 microns, a diameter < 3 microns and a length-to-diameter ratio of > 3:1.

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Synonyms - WHO fibres
Zeta potential

Also ζ-potential, is the electrical potential at the contact layer of a moving particle with an aqueous solution (suspension). Thus, within the same suspensions, it is a relative measure of the surface potential and thus the charge of the particle. For the measurement of the zeta potential, charged particles are moved through an applied electric field. The resulting speed is then a measure of the zeta potential.

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Synonyms - ζ-potential


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