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TBPT structural formulaTBPT structural formulachem. Tris-Biphenyl-Triazine, is a colorless organic solid and practically insoluble in water. The nanomaterial has been approved as a broadband UV filter in cosmetic products in the EU since August 2014. It forms a protective film on the upper skin layer and scatters, reflects and absorbs the UV rays of the sun, especially UV-B and UV-A radiation.

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Abbreviation for Transmission electron microscopy. A device to study smallest samples by shining electron beams through the object. To allow the electron beam to pass through the object, it has to be very thin.

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Tensile strength

Denotes in the science of strength of materials the maximum force per original cross-sectional area (stress) that a sample can tolerate before it breaks. It is determined by a tensile test

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Tight Junctions

the biological term describes the extremely close connection of adjacent cells.

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Synonyms - tight junction

Literal meaning „from top to bottom“. Production process starting from large units and proceeding with comminution (for example, cutting or grinding).

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Refers to the hazardous potential of a substance. Hence, to develop adverse reactions in cells and living organisms, and to compromise functionality, which can lead to the death of an organism. It can be distinguished as direct and indirect toxicity. In the first case the toxicity of the substance is based on an interaction with the organism by directly intervening in metabolic processes or molecular structures. In contrast, a substance may also cause a change of physical factors in the environment (e.g. reduction of incidence of light on plants, blockage of molting in crustaceans). Often, indirect toxicity is also understood as an effect of substances emerging from a non-toxic substance, e.g. by degradation or alteration in the body.

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Synonyms - toxic, cytotoxic

Greek words τοξικός - toxicos - poisonous and logos - study of the adverse effects of poison

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