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dedicated use of land for disposing waste in an engineered facility.

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Synonyms - landfill, landfills

French, from latin lavare - to wash. Medical procedure. Irrigation or washing out of a hollow organ or cavity such as the stomach, intestine or the lung.

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Short for lethal concentration, concentration of a substance leading to the death of 50% of the exposed organisms.

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Short for lethal dose. Concentration of a substance that leads to death of 50% of the organisms exposed to it.

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in landfills, leachate is produced by the infiltrating rain that seeps through the waste. Leachate contains extracted solutes, suspended solids and any other component of the material that are transferred from the solid phase to the liquid phase.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Short LCA. Systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of products throughout the life cycle ("cradle-to-grave").

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Synonyms - LCA, life cycle assessment

Greek lipos - fat and philia - love: fat-loving, having an affinity to fat and high lipid solubility.

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Greek lipos - fat and phobos - fear: avoiding fat, having a low affinity to fat and a high affinity to water.

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Derived from the Greek terms lípos = fat and sōma = body; synonyms are lipid vesicles or fat globules. They can be found naturally in cells or synthetically produced as spherical structures (diameters from 25 nanometers to 1 micron). They function as drug carriers which in turn are selectively enriched in distinct organs and cell complexes.

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Synonyms - Liposomes, liposomes

Short for Lowest observed effect level.

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Small organells sorrounded by a membrane. The main function is to digest and to disrupt foreign material or body's own substances by the enzymes contained in them.

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