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Describes the resistance of a solid material against penetration of another solid body. It is determined by means of scratching (Mohs hardness number in geology) or by indentation methods (materials science) which differ with respect to the indenter and the load regime (Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop, Berkovich). They deliver different hardness figures.

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Synonyms - Mohs hardness, Vickers hardness

is the rupture or destruction of red blood cells and release of cellular contents (e.g. hemoglobin) into the plasma.

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Science concerned with the study of microscopic changes in diseased tissues.

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humic acids

are natural organic constituents of humus, soil, peat and coal. The group of different acids is formed by partial degradation of remains of dead organisms in the soil.

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Synonyms - humic substances, humic acid, humic substance

Greek hydor - water and philia - love: water-loving. Describing the character of a molecule, a substance or a surface, which has an affinity to water.

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Greek hydros - water and phobos - fear: water repelling. Describing the character of a molecule, a substance or a surface, which has a low affinity to water.

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is the targeted overheating of tumor tissue (> 40°C), usually by means of electromagnetic waves, in order to kill the surrounding tumor cells.

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