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To deposit, marks the deposit of solid, liquid and gaseous particles in the organism.

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Synonyms - deposited

Physical process leading to the mixing of different gaseous, liquid or solid substances theat are in contact with each other.

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Synonyms - diffuse

From Latin dispersus - dispersal. In chemistry: mixing of two substances that cannot dissolve each other completely or react with each other completely.
In physics: dependence of the propagation of waves on wavelength. Example: Decomposition of white light into light of different colours by a prism.

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Materials that are impurified during production with small parts of another material (intentional impurification) are referred to as doped materials. Such traces of other elements can decisively affect the properties of a material, as, for example, is the case with different types of steel. In nanoparticles, individual atoms can be replaced by other atoms.

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Synonyms - doped, doted

Term for the amount of a substance, which acts within a specific time or to a specific organism (see also LD50). In toxicity testing of nanoparticles, dose information, such as number of particles/cell or µg particles/cm2 surface area are used.

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