To what extent are nano sealings of glass, lacquer, or metal surfaces hazardous to the human organism - during the process of sealing or later, when the surface-treated products are actually used?

These are our opinions on the topic, we exclude any liability claims.

The term "nano" is not protected. No one guarantees that the corresponding product really contains nano. Some manufacturers use the term because it seems to be effective in advertising. The lacquer association has conducted a study that examines nanoparticles in lacquers (in German only). The result is described as being positive (from the customer’s point of view).

If no information about the used nanomaterial is provided on the product you can contact the manufacturer to get information about the used nanomaterials. I.e. which ones were used, where do they come from, are there any toxicologic studies on them, did the lacquer association conduct any tests on the product you are interested in? In the best case it can be concluded from these facts whether a risk does exist or not.


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