Special coatings are used to generate self-cleaning surfaces or anti-graffiti-protection. The coatings are virtually invisible and protect the base material without changing its appearance. Adherence of dirt particles on such smooth, non-sticky and water- repellent surfaces (on facades, windows, walls, vehicles) is very poor which is why they can easily be rinsed off and removed. A universal protection coating does not exist due to the large variety of base materials but the coating is individually adapted to the respective system.

When processing and applying the various coatings, the same protective safety measures as for other paints or varnishes apply like wearing of adequate protective clothing or breathing masks.

After curing / drying the nanoparticles are firmly embedded in the coating. As with nano-enhanced paints, pristine nanoparticles are rarely released under environmental conditions (wind, rain). If some particles are being release, they immediately get in contact with other particles or form agglomerates and no individual nanoparticles occur in the air or in water.





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