In sunscreens, two different filter types are used for UV protection: (1) chemical UV filters, which absorb the UV radiation and emit it with less energy; (2) mineral UV filters, which reflect the UV radiation thereby protecting the skin. Both types may be present in their nano-form. The first group contains two organic compounds, MBBT and TBPT, as insoluble nanoparticles which absorb UV-light. Titanium dioxide (chem. TiO2) and zinc oxide (chem. ZnO) belong to the group of mineral UV filters. These nanoscaled materials do not form any white film on the skin surface, which is preferred for aesthetic reasons by many users. In addition, especially the mineral UV filters in nanoform allow the realisation of very high sun protection factors (SPF factors >30) without having to use additional chemical components.

update 10/2018



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